PLAY SPACE ETIQUETTE: If you are not a participant in a scene, please stay in the Social Area, Refreshment Room or far enough from the participants so as not to interfere with scenes in progress. The couches in the Main Play Space are mainly intended for aftercare. Do not move chairs into a scene area to sit and observe. Give participants plenty of space and do not intrude. KEEP ALL CONVERSATION IN THE SOCIAL AREA OR REFRESHMENT ROOM. PLAY OF ANY KIND IS NOT ALLOWED IN THE SOCIAL ROOM OR SNACK ROOM.

PRIVACY: Do not congregate in or near the Dressing Room, Coat Room & Rest Rooms. The Dressing Room is not a social area. It is for changing only. Give Club Guests their privacy when using the Dressing Room & Rest Rooms.

ALCOHOL & DRUGS: No alcohol, illegal drugs, or illegal substances of any kind may be brought into the SINS Center. Anyone who is in possession or noticeably affected by either alcohol or drugs will be denied admittance or asked to leave by the MOD.

. Illinois State Law requires you to be a minimum of 15 feet from the front door of the Club. Please dress street legal and appropriately (NO FETISH WEAR) when going outside. If you are caught smoking in the rest rooms or any other place in the SINS Center your membership will be revoked and you will be asked to leave.

NO MEANS NO! (No, thank you is the politer way to put it) If someone tells you "No" then move on. If you don't want to
play with someone, tell them "No Thank You" not "not now" or "maybe." Be polite but firm in your "Nos" and gracious in your acceptance of the "No." Do not take rejection personally. DO NOT TOUCH, GROPE, FEEL OR RUB ANYONE, IN ANY WAY, WITHOUT PERMISSION.


OFF LIMITS: Do not intrude into a scene unless specifically invited by the participants. Do not touch anyone or anyone's gear without permission. If someone is preparing for a scene, involved in a scene or providing aftercare, please do not approach to ask about the scene, their toys, if they will be done soon, if you can use the equipment when they are done, or anything else. Let members enjoy their time together and not feel rushed or hurried.

Watching from a respectful distance is permitted, but please keep all conversation, laughter and comments to a minimum in the Play Space. WHILE A SCENE IS IN PROGRESS, DO NOT: talk to the participants, try to get involved, get too close, borrow anything or act in any way as to make the participants feel uncomfortable or interrupted.


EQUIPMENT USAGE: Please do not reserve a piece of furniture or equipment for future use. Do not lay out your toys for play then leave the area for an extended period of time before returning. Be considerate of others who may want to use the space. Do not use other pieces of equipment for your toys. Please use the Toy Racks located on the walls of the club or a table to lay out your toys

SEMI-PRIVATE ROOMS: If the door is shut to a Semi-Private Play Room, please respect the participants' privacy. Please limit all scenes in Private Rooms to one hour.


FURNITURE AND USE WHILE NAKED: For sanitary reasons and to help keep the club furniture clean, members who sit on a piece of furniture naked, in short skirts with no panties or with genitals exposed in any way must bring a towel or wrap from home to sit on. The towel should be between you and whatever furniture you may be sitting on (Unless you are sitting on vinyl upholstered or wooden dungeon furniture during a scene that you will sanitize when finished).

CLEAN YOUR MESS: . If you must move a piece of furniture or equipment, please move it back to it's original position when you are finished with your scene. Cleaning supplies are available at safety stations throughout the play space. Please clean up and sanitize all equipment and furniture after your scene. Leave all equipment free of sweat, bodily fluids, wax, lubricants, etc. Bring bodily fluid contamination to the attention of the Club Manager On Duty. If you do a wax or other messy scene, you must bring and use a tarp or drop cloth.

LIGHTING: Lighting may be changed by the MOD ONLY

ACCIDENTS & BREAKAGE: Accidents happen and things get broken. Please inform the MOD if you have broken anything

Food and drink (with the exception of water) may not be brought into the Play Space. Please place all cans, bottles, newspapers and other recyclables in the recycling container in the Refreshment Room

PERFUMES, COLOGNES & SCENTS: Please remember that not everyone can tolerate strong scents and perfumes, and that some people are allergic to them. Please keep your use of scents to a minimum.


STATE PHOTO ID: All attendees of the SINS Center will be required to present a state picture ID for admittance to the Play Space. There will be NO exceptions to this rule, so be sure to bring your ID!

HOLD HARMLESS: All Members, Guests & Attendees of the SINS Center must complete and sign a Hold-Harmless Agreement prior to entering the Club for the first time and yearly thereafter. No Exceptions!

DIVERSITY: Membership in the SINS Center is open to everyone regardless of gender, orientation, play style, race or religion. Many types of people attend our club and events from many different communities within our alternative and sex-positive culture, and it is important to leave our intolerances at the door. If seeing a particular type of scene makes you uncomfortable, or if there is someone whom you have personal issues with (such as exes or about to be exes), then it is up to you to remove yourself from the situation. Homophobic, heterophobic, biphobic, gender-phobic, leather-phobic, sex-phobic, or other biased remarks and attitudes, along with relationship drama, will not be tolerated.

CELL PHONES AND CAMERAS: No cameras or cell phones of ANY kind and no video or audio recording devices of any kind will be allowed in the SINS Center. (Even if the cell phone is not capable of taking pictures, all cell phones will be banned from the Play Space.) Any person seen with any such devices shall be immediately ejected from the premises and their membership canceled. NOTE: CAMERA CELL PHONES OF ANY KIND FOUND IN THE SINS Center WILL BE CONFISCATED!

MOD & DM: The Club Manager On Duty (MOD) and DM must be obeyed at ALL times. If someone is breaching Play Space etiquette and your scene is being disturbed or you are being bothered unduly, please notify the MOD or DM on duty. The MOD has the authority to ask anyone violating any of these rules to leave the Club for the night.

CLUB OFFICE: ONLY the SINS Center MOD , Club Host On Duty and the Executive Director are allowed in the office. Please do not put them in the awkward position of having to ask you to step out of the office.

PLAY SPACE MONITORS (DMs): If you see a scene that is unsafe, or has the potential to be unsafe, please advise the MOD, DM, Host on Duty or the Executive Director. Do not interfere with the scene yourself.

ATTIRE: You must be dressed in appropriate street attire whenever entering or leaving our building. We cannot allow hoods, leashed persons or visible fetish wear to be worn when entering or exiting the building or in the parking lot..

PRIVACY: Do not ``out'' other members without their consent. Outside of our club or events, and especially in public contexts or written forums, do not name names, email addresses, or any other specifics that might identify another member.
What happens at the SINS Center STAYS at the SINS Center!

STATE LAW: Prostitution, solicitation and negotiation of compensation for sexual services are illegal, and will not be tolerated.

HOURS: The SINS Center opens every Friday & Saturday night at 9:00 pm and closes at 2:00 am. The last scene must end by 1:45 and everyone should be prepared to leave by closing time. If you need to call a cab, this should be done by 1:30 at the latest .Club Rentals are available.


SAFEWORD & SINS CENTER LIMITS: We ask that your own common sense guide you in deciding the kind of scene you would like to participate in or observe. Please note that no Rainbow Play, Scatplay or Gunplay, are ever allowed in the Club. Limited Fireplay is only allowed in specified areas due to overhead sprinklers. ,No firearms of any kind (even fake) are ever allowed on the premises of the SINS Center. The official safeword of the SINS Center is RED. If you use a different safeword, please let the MOD or DM know in advance. All play MUST stop with the use of the word "SAFEWORD".

SUSPENSION: Full suspension should only be attempted by experienced players and on the suspension frames provided. The Flogging Gallo is never to be used for suspension. When restraining someone, we advise the use of panic snaps whenever possible.

SAFER SEX: Safer sex is always highly recommended. We are all adults and should know the degree of safety required for safe play. If you will be interacting sexually with someone new, then you must have a discussion with them about safer sex, and come to agreement on what that means for each of you. A wide variety of safer sex supplies are available free of charge, so that you will be able to meet whatever your mutually understood safer sex standards are. For everyone's protection, we ask that you use the rubber gloves, condoms and cleaning supplies located throughout the Play Space.

EMERGENCIES: In the case of a medical emergency, or where public safety personnel must be called, the Club's Blue Flashing Safety Lights will be turned on. Please end play and get fully clothed immediately if this should ever happen.